Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photo submissions for Glimpse Correspondents application: Here are a few of my favourite photos from the past two years - enjoy!
Himba mother and child in Opuwo

Thimba child and bull - outside of Opuwo, Kunene region

Dune 45

Ovambo woman and child in traditional dresses

My colleague Meme Connie and myself in traditional wear

Cultural dance at the school

Dancers lined up in a row

Making friends at a colleague's homestead

Meme Connie's Mahangu field

Inspecting the crop

Chasing the birds..

The location in Tsumeb

Cultural Dancing

My 3 colleagues, enjoying a braii feast

Okavango Delta Sunset

Southern Namibia town; a boy with his homemade wire car

Swakopmund Fishing

2009 Flood Season

2009 Flooding
Okahao sunset

My neighbours playing rugby in our yard

Grace, my lovely and shy neighbour

Beautiful Manga

Hanging out, watching a soccer match at the school