Monday, March 8, 2010

Borrow Me Your Eyes

“Jenny, are you having a class now?” My colleague asked me searchingly as I entered the staff room. I hesitated for a moment, knowing that admitting to having a free period could have me “volunteering” to do God knows what, for God knows how long. At the same time, if she came back into the staffde room in a few minutes to find me sitting there, I would be busted. “Noooo...” I reluctantly admitted. “Ah! Iyaloo! Borrow me your eyes then mama!” She grabbed my hand and started to tug me alongside her. Shoot. Wrong answer. I was then taken to grade 12B where Mrs. Iiyambula and 20 grade 12 learners crowded around me as she used my eyes to demonstrate the appearance and function of the iris, and the pupil. After slowly walking through the crowd and staring each learner in the eye I was asked to close my eyes for 30 seconds before opening them wide, in the sunlit courtyard, while the learners watched my pupils contract. They shrieked and screamed and gasped in excitement before they were ushered into the classroom for the second half of the class to come out for the demonstration. This was repeated again for grade 12E, now even with teachers in the audience. Tomorrow I have a booking for grade 12D. Just one of my many contributions to learning at Shaanika Nashilongo Seconday School.

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