Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bags n All


My second bag has arrived!!!! Yaaaaaaay....! Of course both bags had to arrive in perfect Namibian fashion: things take time, but in the end it all manages to somehow work out. Waiting a week for my first bag, and two weeks for my second did cost me a fair amount in phone calls, frustration and time, but eventually, both bags DID make it here-whole and in tact! The final lost- and now found- bag had all of my gifts for learners, incentive prizes and classroom material. I was so desperate for it to be recovered. I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders now that everything that was meant to join me is now here!

All in all the start of my second year here has gone well. The beginning of the year is both more and less frustrating this year compared to last year. It's less so because I know basically what to expect...but it's also been more frustrating for the same reason- I'm more able now to see so many ways in which the process of starting the school year could be expedited. It has been so good seeing the kids. However, I find that some of them have been pushing the boundaries on testing my patience and limits more this year. They feel safe enough to see how far they can take things. I was lenient and maybe a little too friendly last year, so right now I am working at keeping a fun relationship with them but also trying to nip attitude and behaviour in the bud.

We had our “opening ceremony” at school yesterday, in which I was “nominated” (coerced) into being the Master of Ceremonies. Nothing is ever short and sweet here, so the assembly was a solid 6 hours. Imagine how restless, exhausted and bored 650 kids, aged 12-25 would be after a couple of hours sitting and listening, let alone 6! Add to that the heat, cramped room, and terribly redundant and mundane speakers and was a long day.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. I'm going to visit Rachel- another extending volunteer- in her village of Ogongo where we're going to have a braii (bbq) of game meat freshly hunted from the lands at the Ogongo Agricultural College- Springbok, Kuudu and maybe some Oryx! I can't wait for the delicious, lean meat that we're going to do up with maize and sweet potato! A great topper to a fabulous and exhausting first couple of weeks back in Northern Namibia!

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