Friday, January 8, 2010

The Joys of Travelling

I'm currently sitting in the Johannesburg airport, 37 hours into my journey back to Namibia. My first connector in Calgary to London was delayed 2 hours. I was very very lucky to have had my seat upgraded to "middle class" which was glorious and comfortable. Unfortunately it made my next 10-hour leg out of London back in the gallows of the plane seem much tighter and less pleasant than I remember.. Heathrow airport was nothing short of chaotic, with flights being cancelled and indefinitely delayed left right and centre due to snow and cold weather conditions. Two flights to Johannesburg prior to mine had been cancelled and ours was nearly cancelled after being delayed over 4 hours. 5 minutes before the flight was to be altogether cancelled the pilot made the executive decision to fly on without the luggage. I can't decide if I was relieved to get off the ground, or panicked at the realisation that retrieving my luggage later would be an undoubtedly frustrating process. In Johannesburg they wanted to restrict my carry on luggage and I had to speak to 2 people before having a chance to speak to management and have an exception made to allow me to bring all of my belongings. I'm told it will be 2-3 days before my luggage reaches me in Namibia. The good news is that I should be in Windhoek in approximately 4 hours (knock on wood) and should (again, knocking) have a ride to meet me. But that remains to be seen. To top it all off, I both look and smell like someone who has been travelling in the same clothes for almost 2 days. Staying optimistic! If it were easy, where would all the fun be?

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